With the advent of internet there is no lack of material to read from, learn and acquire knowledge of any subject. Yet, we see that people who have gone through all the material available, are still not equipped to do their job any better. Take for example agile and scrum. Scrum was officially introduced in 1995 at OOPSLA conference; manifesto for agile software development (popularly known as agile manifesto) was drafted in 2001 yet the software industry is still struggling to be agile.

There is a huge gap between knowledge and understanding. As Destin, in his video, very aptly points out knowledge is not equal to understanding. Sometimes to gain right understanding we need unlearn certain things that we already know. Unlearning and learning is the way to gain right understanding.

With all our experience and interactions we have come to believe that even though knowledge is freely available in all forms around us and people are taking advantage of it; what they often miss is to garner the right understanding of the subject.

The sole purpose for the existence of rightmatter is to “bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding” for our customers, partners and help them create maximum impact.

With over thirty years of collective wisdom and experience rightmatter can be your trusted partner. We are experienced in agile transformations, certified scrum, SAFe training and training on technical excellence.