About RightMatter


At RightMatter, we believe that the world around us has become more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous then it ever was. To stay relevant in such a world, organizations need to re-invent themselves and commence on a journey that would make them the enterprises of the future. We believe that all the organizations out there are striving to become better from what they were yesterday. While doing so, they need to be supported and guided with the right knowledge and understanding. We are helping the organizations to cross this chasm. Co-creating an environment that would lead organizations to become more flexible, nimble and responsive so that they inspect & adapt quickly; while leaving behind the traditional ways of work.

RightMatter team is a community of professional practitioners who are dedicated to help the business succeed while leveraging the experience and collective wisdom of over 50 years. Since 2017, we have been guiding individuals, teams and organizations to identify empirical innovative solutions to become better at what they do.

Our Values:

While we help our partners embrace the change and co-create the environments that would lead them to become the enterprises of future, we have started believing in:

Business Outcomes over KPI Driven Metrics
Pragmatic Approach over Framework Salesmanship
Developing Competency over Creating Awareness
Fostering Learning Mindset over Imparting Certifications

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