BDD-Behaviour Driven Development

Behaviour Driven Development

Behaviour Driven Development is an extension of Test Driven Development. BDD focuses on creating tests that validate the behaviour of the application. BDD combines the core principles TDD along with concepts of domain driven design. This course is designed to introduce the key concepts related to Behaviour Driven Development.

Attendees would gain understanding of the principles and practices of BDD; Gherkin, writing behaviour specifications and the usage of ubiquitous language.

Although there is no strict prerequisites for this course; having knowledge of unit tests and Test Driven Development would be helpful.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum
  • Introduction to unit tests
  • The Why, What and How of Test Driven Development
  • History of Behaviour Driven Development
  • How is BDD different from TDD
  • Core principles of Behaviour Driven Development
  • Introduction to Cucumber and setting up the environment
  • Refactoring and Emergent Architecture
  • Additional concepts – Technical Debt, Clean Code and SOLID principles
Learning Objectives

  • Core principles of BDD.
  • Introduction to usage of ubiquitous language
  • Setting up development environment with Cucumber
  • Writing tests using Gherkin.
  • Key differences between TDD and BDD.
Who would be benifitted

Anyone who is willing to improve the quality of software development especially development team members including developers, testers, architects, leads and scrum masters.

Start the journey now:

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