Our Story

RightMatter- Our Story

Back in the year 2012, when one of our founder members was looking for a certification training he came across a number of training institutes that were focused on delivering content without even paying any attention whether the participant is understanding the context or not. To his horror, one such training institute took training fees and after a few classes, closed down the shop without ever contacting him or any of his batch-mates. He has not heard from them till date.

Another challenge that our founder members came across was, none of the training institutes provide participants any counselling on whether a particular course is suitable for them or not. When a participant goes to any training organization, the training organizations believe that the participant has done his/her groundwork before coming to the training provider. Training organisations often overlook the fact that many a times people come to a certification training, because that particular certification is a buzz word in their organisation or their friends are talking about it or because that certification is in-demand in their industry; although it is nowhere related to what they want to do in their career.

A story that one of our founder member shares is about a developer who wanted to grow in the capacity of an architect but wanted to do a Scrum Master training because on his team everyone had done that certification. When asked whether he understands or wants to pursue the role of Scrum Master in future, he hesitantly said “No”.

Having gone through many similar experiences, our founders identified that there is a huge gap between what the participants need and what they are being offered. With the problem identified our founders started thinking about what they can do to solve this problem. Since, our founding members are highly experienced in their domains and couple of them are certified trainers as well, they decided to setup an organisation, that would not only provide training but would also provide proper counselling, career consulting and coaching experience to the customers.

And thus, RightMatter came into existence.