Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development

This Test Driven Development course is designed to introduce the principles of emergent architecture and building quality software product incrementally and iteratively. This course focuses on unit testing, Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Emergent Architecture,Collaboration techniques and gives attendees a practical view on how to implement the same in real life.

Attendees would gain an understanding of unit testing, Test Driven Development approach. They get to implement TDD on a project either using java, php or .NET framework

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum
  • Collaboration within the team
  • Technical Debt
  • Clean Code and SOLID Principles
  • Refactoring and Emergent Architecture
  • Introduction to unit tests
  • The Why, What and How of Test Driven Development
  • TDD – Red, Green, Blue cycle
  • Stubbing and Mocking
  • Introduction to unit testing frameworks – xUnit, nUnit, MSTest
  • Overview of Specification by example
Learning Objectives

  • Working in an agile team.
  • Understand and implement unit tests
  • Learn and apply Test Driven Development to product development.
  • Refinement, Refactoring and Emergent Architecture.
Who would be benifitted

Anyone who is willing to improve the quality of software development especially development team members including developers, testers, architects, leads and scrum masters.

Start the journey now:

This is an on-demand course and could be scheduled on your request. To know more details about the class please do write to training@rightmatter.org or speak to our trainer directly at +91-9108568340