Toolkit for an Agile Developer

Toolkit for an Agile Developer
You have been recently introduced to a new “new” way of product development and now everyone expects you to be the agile developer who write tests even before you write any piece of code or they ask you to pair with your team mate to identify edge cases as he/she develops the code or someone around you keeps talking about the benefits of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and you are all confused with these jargons. We would help you to segregate the jargons and help you understand what is most important for you to be a successful software craftsman. We can help you explore answers to few questions like:

  • What is Test Driven Development?
  • How is Continuous Integration different from Continuous Delivery?
  • What it means to be a DevOps engineer?
  • How can the quality of software development be improved?
  • Are there any other tools that could help you do better at what you do?

We will help you explore the art of software craftsmanship. How to build software incrementally and iteratively with quality while delivering products of highest possible business value. We would be your learning partners as you explore and experiment with various XP practices like unit tests, user stories, pair programming and so on. With our customised courses we will help you learn and practice TDD, BDD, DevOps and other related aspects of quality software delivery.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand code and ethics of a professional software development.
  • Deliver quality software product
  • Improving team capabilities via use of Agile Engineering and supportive ALM tools
  • How to build increments of potentially releasable functionality.
Our Offerings

Who would be benifitted

Anyone who is willing to improve the quality of software delivery and understand the basics of software craftsmanship would be benefited by this course. It is especially helpful for developers, testers, technical leads, test leads, architects, program/project managers who are transitioning to Scrum.


Attending the training makes attendees eligible for:

  • Certification of participation from “RightMatter”
  • Continuous support to attendees to continue software craftsmanship.