It's easier to GROW when you have someone to guide you on your path.

Often when we want to advance our career; getting the right guidance is very important. Learning through trainings and reading will certainly provide perspectives and insights, but when the rubber meets the road, it’s the practical experience which matters.

Building skills, competencies and expertise is a long journey. Just like an athlete trains her muscles to endure the heat of the game; an agile professional also has to continuously work on her skills to address any challenges thrown her way.

Having an experienced mentor who has already endured your journey can be a great support system, as you are journeying yourself, to help you navigate through your professional challenges, establish clear goals and achieve them.

What to expect with mentoring?

Career Path

Establish career goals and create a plan to consistently achieve the goals.

Professional​ Support

Use the expertise of the mentor to address real life challenges.

Nurture Competencies

Find skills and competencies that you want to build, then work with your mentor to nurture them.


Brainstorm ideas, concepts in thought provoking discussions.


Get the advantage of being connected with professionals like you and learn from their expertise.

Want to explore how mentoring can bring a difference?

Take a 30 minute free session to learn about mentoring and it's impact.

Mentorship helps!!

When you are working on career advancement having a mentor who can hand hold you and share personal stories to boost your morale when you are down is a great thing to have.

Mentorship helps!!

Anand Singh

Great support and guide

I have been really grateful to have found a mentor like Piyush from my earliest days of career. He has always been a great support and guide. As a mentee, I found value in his suggestions and guidance. It has really helped me shape my career.

Thanks and keep mentoring!!


Inspirational Leader

A perfect leader, with detailed knowledge of business logic who empowers and mentors his team members. His urge to do things in a different and efficient way are some of his traits that I have learnt.


Mentoring Works

When I started my journey with Scrum as newbie I never thought the journey would be so rewarding. Being a Scrum Master is difficult (if not hard) job. You have so many stakeholders and you need so many different skills that without proper guidance the job could become overwhelming.

Happy to found Piyush as mentor which made learning easy. Mentoring works!!


Agile Mentoring was amazing

Before my introduction call, I was skeptical about the program. This was an amazing experience and I explored many skills beyond Scrum. The program was very insightful. Now I know what needs to be an awesome Scrum Master and I can be one.


Who can be a mentee

Anyone who has passion for agile can join. You would definetly benefit if you are:

Ready to dive in and garner the benefits of mentoring

Here is what to look forward to:


10 one-on-one sessions, each of 45-60 minutes in duration, spanning over 5-6 months.

Uniquely Curated Plans

Identify your needs and desires and then establish a plan to propel you.


We understand that in between the sessions you still need guidance. We are there to support you via chat or emails.


Every session builds on your progress; we inspect and adapt the plans to make you successful.

Topics that could be discussed:

Every mentee is unique and brings her own set of skills and experience. We acknowledge this fact and structure the program accordingly. Yet there are few topics that we have seen that often overlap across mentees, including but not limited to :

  • How to deal with impediments and issues in a large program?
  • Having coaching conversations with your team members.
  • Working with and managing stakeholder expectations.
  • What tools can help me improve in current remote environments and be successful?
  • I am a Scrum Master. Is knowing Scrum enough?
  • What skills do I need to pick up to be a successful professional?
  • Any specific certifications that would foster my skills and experience.
  • I am struggling to find right balance between meetings and doing productive work. How do I address it?
  • What techniques can I use to manage the Product Backlog better?
  • And many more…….

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