Development Team – The Pack Wolves

Development Team, can be best describe as a pack of wolves, not too big not too small just the perfect size where every team member gels well with others; knows what he/she should do and what everyone else is doing. I came across a great quote on the site “” which describes the Development Team perfectly.

From the Scrum Guide:

The Development Team consists of professionals who do the work of delivering a potentially releasable Increment of “Done” product at the end of each Sprint.

A Development Team consists of 3-9 self-organizing, cross-functional professionals who have all the necessary skill set to deliver a potentially releasable increment of product.  Everyone works together to achieve the sprint goal.

A Development team is accountable for creating the “Done” increments at the end of every sprint; manages itself and is also accountable for the quality of the deliverable.

What does self-organizing team means?

As Mike Cohn explains in one of his presentations:

Self-organisation or autonomous does not mean that a there is no control over the team; or the team decides what goal or vision it is going to pursue. Self-organization simply means how the team responds to the challenge that comes there way.

Self organization does not mean to let the team do what it wants to do. It means to provide the team a safe environment with boundaries in which the team is allowed to take transparent decisions which foster creativity of the team and allows them to continuously inspect and adapt.

Roles in the Development Team:

Scrum does not recognizes any roles, titles within the development team. Everyone on the Development Team is the member of the development team and is equally accountable for the outcomes. Each team member may have a specialized skill and might have a specific focus area, yet the accountability lies with the entire team.

Cross functionality within the team

The development team within itself comprises of all the necessary skills required to create a “Done” increment.


A Development Team is a set of 3-9 self-organizing, cross-functional professionals accountable for delivery of “Done” increments at the end of every sprint.

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