Sanjeevani Jaur

2+ years

Coaching Experience

10+ years

Experience Overall

Why am I a Coach?

Because of my faith in COACHING as a GROWTH INTERVENTION.

I myself have had transformative experiences through my coaches; be it acing my fitness game when I had to gather myself up to reverse poor health and lifestyle conditions, or shifting gears in my career after being a fulltime mother for 5 years, or be it mustering the courage to rekindle a long lost childhood dream of being a Bharatnatyam dancer, all over again at the age of 35, and having performed at 5 stage performances already in a span of two years of my dance training. All of this is as much about simply doing as it is about doing through believing, doing through maneuvering your thinking patterns in a way that it enriches your experience of it all. And this has been possible through my coaching engagements with my coaches.

And hence, I now feel the immense need to be a similar force to my clients. A force that can enable unlocking limitless possibilities. A space that can build courage. An ear that is listening with intent and empathy. And most importantly, a fellow human who’s their biggest cheerleader.


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sanjeevani dot jaur at rightmatter dot org