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Piyush Rahate, Professional Coach and Agile Consultant

I am Piyush Rahate. As a professional coach, I am on a journey to be of service to individuals who aspire to be better, have ambitions and can walk that extra mile to realize their dreams of life that is full of abundance, fulfillment, success and joy.

My vision is to

Help people improve their thinking patterns so that they can bring a positive change in their lives.

I strongly believe that there is a lot of hidden potential in each one of us which needs to be channelized in order to thrive in the various dimensions of professional as well as personal life.

As a coach this is what I do. I become the channel through which you explore and discover yourself. I hold space for you so that you can connect with yourself at a deeper level. 

I work as an enabler to help you connect with your true potential, and master the inner game.

A bit more about myself-

By education I am a Masters in Computer Applications which forayed me in a technology oriented career.

I’ve been working with startups since 2005; in-fact I was a core member of a technology startup based out of Nagpur, MH. Later I continued working as a Technical Professional till 2016, and post that I have been working as a Coach and Consultant.

I had a great technology focused career with service as well as product organizations; where I contributed towards creating products using latest technologies ranging from PHP/HTML to Bigdata Hadoop; MySQL to MongoDB; vanilla javascript to Angular JS. Over these years I also had opportunities to travel, collaborate and work with teams across geographies, such as India, Canada, The Netherlands, Turkey, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Australia.


  • Masters in Computer Applications
  • Bachelors in Computer Maintenance

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Agile Coach

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How I became a Coach?

In my younger days I was told by one of my teachers that “achievers also have just 24 hours in a day, how they put those hours to use; makes all the difference”. Since that day, I believe everyone can be an achiever. Although, even with that powerful thought with me I have felt stranded and stagnant, I have felt disassociated and disengaged. At times, I also felt if I was an impostor who is trying to reach beyond his abilities. It all changed when I met my coach. He made me realize my true potential and the possibilities that I have. With the coach working with me, I achieved my goal of becoming a “Professional Trainer” and join an elite community of just over 300 professionals worldwide. I still continue to work with my coach.

With that experience I realized the power of coaching. My coach introduced me to the world of NLP and I took the plunge with one of the most prominent NLP coaches in India – Vikram Dhar. Under his guidance I learned the basics of NLP and received my “Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching”.

I continued to explore the world of coaching further with Neuro-Leadership Institute and acquired another coaching credential to strengthen my knowledge of coaching. As I work with my coachee I bring a blend of these unique techniques to help them evolve and uncover the best versions of themselves.

With my personal experience and while coaching many others, I have come to firmly believe that joy of living comes when one lives a life that is in agreement with one’s core values. In my coaching sessions I help clients connect with their innermost values to attain fulfillment, balance and purpose in their life.  I partner with them as they embark on an enriching journey of unlocking their full potential and tapping into their peak performance.

In working with my clients, I bring in over 19 years of varied real-world experience, focus and commitment to help them find their path to success. I consider it to be an honor to be of service to my clients to help them overcome any limiting beliefs and become an awesome version of themselves. I am also grateful to my clients because their journeys have enriched my life experiences.

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piyush dot rahate at rightmatter dot org