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Get Scrum Certified

You are new to Scrum or might be experienced. Now you want to validate your knowledge and showcase that you have the right understanding. With us you can opt for the official Scrum.org training with two free attempts to take the certification exam.

Get SAFe® Certified

Your team is scaling up and the organisation now focuses on business agility. As a leader you want to understand how to support organisational agility and deliver value. Join us in exploring one of the most popular scaling framework and get certified.

Get Mentored

Generate synergy and improve your skills as you work with our experts. Get the necessary support to develop your knowledge, skills and expertise to be successful and address the real-time challenges.

Build your Toolkit

Make use of our templates, tools and resources to facilitate your events like a pro. Ideate and inspire your team members to solve old problems with fresh insights.

Propel Forward

Take your teams on an explorative journey of lean -agile software development. Establish a learning path curated specifically to the needs of your team to help them grow professionally, address current challenges and achieve goals.

You have got the knowledge and you are putting it to practice. You have been enjoying what you do and how you help your teams and organisation to be successful. However, at times you are stumped by some obvious and some not so obvious questions that come your way.

Well, you are not alone. Everyone has their fair share of learning. The idea is not to commit the mistakes that others have made, but learn from their experiences.Every fortnight we bring to you our experiences from the trenches, working with teams, tools and practices that you can use our guidance and become better at what you do and be awesome.

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What the clients are saying!

Interactive and an increment to knowledge of Scrum

Piyush Rahate gave detailed and scenario-based training. The entire 2 days session was interactive, not only with a trainer but with other participants. He institutionalized the concept of scrum and its fundamentals.

Even though the training is not mandatory in order to give PSM 1 but I strongly recommend undergoing the training as it gives practical knowledge about scrum.

Insha Umer Khan

Attended Piyush Rahate’s class

I attended Piyush Rahate’s class. I had really wonderful experience. He is not ordinary trainer who just go through slides ,he keep class interesting and he teach through his heart. Now i could say i have clear picture of what Scrum Master is .


Awesome session held by Piyush

Excellent experience! Enjoyed the interactive session, not just theory but lots of practical. Love it!

Best trainer for Agile and Scrum

Piyush is a very good trainer and replies to all the queries very patiently. He is also having very good knowledge of Agile and Scrum. He was able to clear so many confusing concepts and really helped in cultivating agile mindset.

Nabha Kshirsagar

Insightful Training

The sessions were extremely informative and interactive with enjoyable hands on break out sessions that made the training interesting and fun.

The visual illustrations given for each and every part of the scrum helped to grasp the concepts easily.

Thanks to Piyush Rahate for the wonderful training!!

Safreen Fathima M

Amongst the best PSM 1 trainers

My PSM-I sessions/training with Piyush was well paced, active and quite informative. I learnt a lot about the Scrum Master journey and Piyush even went as far as providing decisive counselling about potential career pitfalls on this path to becoming a successful Scrum Master and passing the PSM-I examination with ease. Overall, Piyush is very helpful not just as a trainer but also on a personal level.
He ensures your doubts are resolved conceptually.

Shashank Bhardwaj

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