To become better at what we do, it's important to CREATE who we want to be.

Often, all of sudden, the life we are leading seems too routine or mundane. It seems like we lack the spark that all of us had when we were kids; the curiosity with which we used to explore the world is lost in the grind of daily life.

Some people tend to label it as dissatisfaction while some others call it mid-life crisis. But what if instead of associating the routine with negativity; one considers it as their Current Reality and starts to Explore Alternatives. And to add to it, how great an experience it would be if you have a partner on this explorative journey. That is what is coaching is about.

Having an experienced coach who can help generate profound insights;  can be a great support system on your journey of fulfilment and balance, to help you navigate through your professional or personal challenges, establish clear goals and achieve them.

And, coaching is not only for you if you are dissatisfied or going through mid-life crisis. It is for anyone who wants to build a better tomorrow for themselves.

What to expect with coaching?


Find the momentum to complete your creative tasks and grow.

Achieve Goals

Gain clarity on your goals and create action plans to achieve them, more frequently.

Stay Inspired

Achieving goals can be a tiring task specially if things don't go your way. Build regular motivation for doing what is needed,

Personal Awareness

Be present in the moment and take charge of things around you. No more drifting in the moment.


Stop wishful thinking and start creating an impactful life with purpose and fulfilment.

Want to explore how coaching can bring a difference?

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An exceptional coach

Sanjeevani has been an exceptional coach during a challenging phase in my professional journey. She possesses a unique ability to gently guide reflection and discovery, helping me unearth truths I had struggled to voice. Her regular check-ins and insightful observations prompted me to reevaluate my career path, encouraging me to pivot when necessary.

Her keen perception allowed her to notice a shift in my enthusiasm towards a new role, sparking further reflection that was both needed and timely. Sanjeevani excels in identifying the core of an issue and providing actionable steps to address it. Her professionalism, empathy, and engaging approach not only made her a great listener but also a reliable sounding board.

I genuinely appreciate her attentiveness to both the said and unsaid, making every session enriching. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with her guidance to achieve further clarity and meet my professional goals.

Anjana Deverakonda

Agile Mentoring was amazing

Before my introduction call, I was skeptical about the program. This was an amazing experience and I explored many skills beyond Scrum. The program was very insightful. Now I know what needs to be an awesome Scrum Master and I can be one.


Coaching Works

When I started my journey with Scrum as newbie I never thought the journey would be so rewarding. Being a Scrum Master is difficult (if not hard) job. You have so many stakeholders and you need so many different skills that without proper guidance the job could become overwhelming.

Happy to found Piyush as coach which made learning easy. Coaching works!!


Connecting Dots

Nagi Uncle as a lot of his known folks call him is not as easy going as it might seems when it comes to coaching and holding you accountable. Always helps in creating practical insights and connecting the dots. He has a very keen eye for details and is committed to your success.

With his own multi-faceted personality that one comes to know over the many sessions, he keeps pushing your limits with making you feel uncomfortable. I would highly recommend Nagendra as a coach if you are leader or getting into leadership roles.


Insightful and Open

I started my conversations with Sanjeevani with a bit of hesitation about a very specific aspect of my personal life. Although, with her profound coaching skills Sanjeevani helped me explore many different dimensions in personal as well as professional endeavours.

After our coaching sessions, I have found myself more confident in dealing with my challenges. I gained clarity every time about what I am supposed to do as well as what I am not supposed to do. Her conversations helped me gain more clarity and focus.

I would highly recommend Sanjeevani as a coach.


Coaching helps!!

When you are working on career advancement having a coach who can help to explore different perspectives and build momentum to achieve creative goals really helps.

Piyush has been a tremendous coach who always brings great value to our conversations by simply being available. He does not try to provide easy solutions but patiently listens to you and through conversations helps generating profound insights to move forward.

Anand Singh

Who can be a coachee

Anyone who has passion to build a better tomorrow for themselves can join. You would definetly benefit if you are:

Ready to dive in and garner the benefits of coaching

Here is what to look forward to:


10 one-on-one sessions, each of 45-60 minutes in duration, spanning over 5-6 months.

Goal Setting

Identify your goals and devise strategies to achieve them.


We understand that as you work on your action plan, you would need support. We are there to support you via chat or emails.


Every session builds on your progress; coaches hold you accountable to your plans and actions for your continuous growth.

Topics that could be discussed:

Every Coachee is unique and brings her own set of goals and needs. We acknowledge this fact and partner with the coachee to identify their needs and come up with their action plan. Here are few example areas that can be picked up for coaching :

  • Professional Growth
  • Time Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Personal Fitness
  • Public Speaking
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • New Habits
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Build new personality
  • Branding
  • Leadership
  • And many more….

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