Hello! I am Piyush.
Learn, Explore, Experience have been three key words driving me forward.

I am also driven by the fact that everyone of us an amazing potential to do better, and hence I am working to unlock the potential in individuals and organizations to improve their performance. While at it I am bringing a significant difference to my life; lives of people I interact with while getting inspired by their stories and staying humble.

I have been working in the agile space for about 10 years. Started my journey as part of the Scrum team, then took up the role of Scrum Master and in last few years I have been working as an agile coach/consultant/trainer. One of my coaches used to say – “Knowledge is available everywhere, you need to go, grab it”; I am always keen to learn something new. As a result, I am a strong believer of continuous improvement and always on lookout for opportunities to learn. Books have been my best friends on this journey.

Before getting on with my agile (specifically Scrum) journey, I was a full time developer building web-based applications spread across domains from e-commerce to social media; enterprise applications for ticket management to web support and financial applications involving credibility check to loan disbursements. Involved with entire SDLC that too in traditional software development, I have some great experiences to share.

I always look forward to meeting new people, make professional associations and learn from every little experience. Therefore, I am always available for a quick call. Connect with me for quick discussion about anything agile, scrum, lean, kanban or even scaling it up. Or just drop to say hello over a cup of coffee.

I am easily accessible via :

+91 – 910 856 8340
piyush.rahate at rightmatter.org

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