Welcome to your Professional Scrum Master Preparation

You are the Scrum Master of 3 teams working on same product backlog. Many team members come to you explaining that for the next sprints they will require full time support of David the Security Expert. What are possible solutions in this scenario.

How is technical debt related to velocity

When two or more teams work on the same Product, you should use velocity to compare teams abilities to deliver value. Velocity is anyways an important metric for Scrum teams.

You are a Scrum Master of a team where John is the senior experienced member. John often gets into discussions about architecture and design with other team members, especially when he pairs up with someone for development. All team members share this concern with you. How do you approach the situation

The members of a development team are distributed globally and because of timezone differences, the team therefore propose doing the daily scrum only on twice a week, which are possible ways to move ahead as a Scrum Master?

Planning for a Sprint and making the forecast could be easy if the Product Backlog Items are well understood by everyone on the team. What would you suggest to ensure this state at Sprint Planning?

In the Sprint Review the stakeholders have raised a concern over the quality of deliverables. As a Scrum Master how do you approach the problem?

How do you the Development Team and Product Owner are collaborating enough?

As a Scrum Master you are helping an organisation to adopt Scrum. They were used to work as component teams. One of the suggestion that you give them is to create cross-functional, self-organising feature teams. What should the organisation consider when moving from component teams to feature teams.

What is the purpose of Definition of Done?

You are the Scrum Master for a team where they follow Test Driven Development. However, you have observed that most of the times it is not TDD and often team members right unit tests after the code is written to ensure the coverage percentage is met. How do you about addressing this problem?